Introducing Strategic Alignment

Align Your People and Plans The Kendo Way

Experience the transformational power of strategic alignment with Kendo – the key to unlocking your organisation’s true potential and driving unparalleled success.

From Purpose to Pillars of Success

Kendo revolutionises the way organisations align their strategy by defining a clear Purpose, supporting Values, and laying out Strategic Pillars that are the foundation for all Business Plan Objectives (BPOs). With a robust framework in place, Kendo enables organisations to develop and execute their strategies effectively, ensuring that everyone is moving in the same direction and working towards a common goal.

Define Organisational Purpose and Values

The process begins by clearly defining the purpose and values of the organisation, creating a foundation that guides decision-making and actions.

Set Strategic Pillars

Strategic pillars are established to outline the boundaries for business objectives and activities. These pillars serve as the battle grounds where the organisation aims to gain a competitive advantage.

From Strategy to Operations

Navigating the complex world of organisational strategy and performance can feel like running a race without a starting line, a finish line, or even a clear direction. Without strategic alignment, organisations struggle to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

Develop Business Plan Objectives

Based on the strategic pillars, the organisation develops its business plan objectives, which are the first steps toward achieving the overall strategy. These objectives are owned by the CEO, who is responsible for delivering them.

Define Detailed Plans and Responsibilities

Business plan objectives are broken down into more detailed plans, ensuring clarity on how they will be executed. Roles and responsibilities are defined for each individual, aligning them with their respective accountabilities.

Create Strategic Alignment

The objectives and plans are linked to demonstrate how each specific objective contributes to a higher objective, fostering a sense of meaning and alignment in the work. This process ensures that everyone understands their role in achieving the organization’s strategy.


Seize Competitive Advantage

Seize competitive advantage by deploying people and resources that can help to boost profitability and other commercial outcomes.

Empower the Leadership

Executives with access to more accurate and relevant data from across the organisation have the support for better decision-making, faster response times and a competitive advantage.

Established Pillars for Success

Strategic Pillars guide the organisation’s objectives and activities, ensuring a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Align Plans & People

Break down objectives into detailed plans, assigning roles and responsibilities to individuals, fostering accountability, and making work more meaningful.

Create a Strong Sense of Purpose

Strong purpose drives engagement and motivation, allowing employees to see how they contribute to the organisation’s aspirations and making their work more meaningful.

Foster Culture

A strong culture in which values are lived and reflected in the behaviours of all team members and their leaders.


How do we demonstrate outcomes, transparency and accountability?

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