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THE CHALLENGE OF People & Culture LeaderS

  • Employee Engagement: Ensuring high levels of employee engagement and motivation to drive productivity and retention.
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention: Attracting top talent, building a diverse workforce, and implementing effective retention strategies.
  • Performance Management: Developing fair and effective performance management processes to drive individual and team performance.
  • Learning and Development: Designing and delivering impactful learning and development programs to upskill employees and foster continuous growth.
  • Organisational Culture: Nurturing a positive and inclusive organisational culture that aligns with the company’s values and supports employee well-being.
  • Change Management: Managing and leading change initiatives to ensure successful adoption and minimise resistance.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organisation and creating a culture of belonging.
  • Employee Well-being: Prioritising employee well-being and mental health to foster a healthy and productive work environment.
  • HR Technology and Analytics: Leveraging HR technology and data analytics to streamline processes, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions.

Benefits of Kendo


Employee Engagement: Kendo provides tools and resources to enhance employee engagement, such as pulse checks, feedback mechanisms, and recognition programs. It enables managers to identify engagement drivers, gather valuable insights, and take targeted actions to boost employee satisfaction and commitment.


Talent Management: Kendo offers provides tools for setting and tracking performance goals, undertaking skills and motivator assessments, develop career plants and skill acquisition plans.


Learning and Development: The Kendo Way includes robust learning and development capabilities. It allows managers to create personalised development plans and track learning progress.  Kendo fosters continuous learning and skill development in the flow of work, empowering employees to reach their full potential.


Culture and Well-being: Kendo supports the cultivation of a positive work culture and employee well-being. It provides features for assessing and improving organisational culture, promoting diversity and inclusion, and supporting employee wellness initiatives. Kendo creates a supportive and inclusive environment that enhances employee satisfaction and mental well-being.


Data-driven Insights: The Kendo Way offers powerful analytics and reporting functionalities. It enables managers to gain actionable insights from employee data, such as engagement levels, performance metrics, and talent profiles. This data-driven approach helps managers make informed decisions, identify trends, and implement targeted strategies to optimise workforce effectiveness.

Employee Retention



Employee Churn


How It Works

Kendo provides simple steps to your people’s success 


Undertake Organisation Wide Assessments

Talent Profiles are built by each individual by assessing their technical and behavioral skills, strengths, and motivators. Where appropriate, this is calibrated to the role level for each individual and Kendo will show where further development is needed. 


Craft individual development and growth plans

People create Growth Goals based on their development needs and each growth goal includes learning activities and milestones, all defined and identified in the creation of their Talent Profile. The goal is agreed with their manager so that the organisation can provide the required support. Progress to the goal is assessed with periodic Pulse Checks.



Kendo provides insightful analytics about individuals, teams, and the organisation. Capability planning is critical to organisational sustainability and success.

Insights into the organisation’s overall talent profile enables an understanding of current capability and will drive training and recruitment decisions.

“Kendo removes the obstacles that stand in your way, smoothing the road to better results”

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