Introducing Employee Experience

Craft Extraordinary Experiences The Kendo Way

Unlock the full potential of your teams with The Kendo Way’s High Performance Teams solution, driving collaboration, innovation, improving organisation culture and achieving outstanding results.

Design Value AND Purpose for Everyone

From personalised career pathways and skill development programs to continuous feedback and recognition. Experience a transformative employee journey that fuels motivation, engagement, and extraordinary achievements.

Establish Employee Value Proposition

Define your unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and create an irresistible employer brand that attracts and retains top performers. By understanding the complexities of Employee Experience (EX) and establishing a solid EVP, your organisation can cultivate a positive reputation as an employer of choice.

Personal Fulfillment

The Kendo Way tailors the employee experience to cater to individual preferences, whether it’s security, rapid learning and advancement, flexibility, or other personal needs. Experience the power of personalised employee experiences that foster engagement, satisfaction, and overall well-being, unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Engage through Work AND Teams

Rooted in the belief that when individuals find purpose and significance in their work, and when teams foster a positive and supportive environment, they can achieve extraordinary results. The Kendo Way understands that meaningful work is not only about the tasks performed but also the sense of importance and impact associated with those tasks

The Intrinsic Power of Meaningful Work

When individuals believe their work is important and meaningful, they become more invested, motivated, and committed to their tasks. By defining activities and fostering a sense of accountability, setting milestones and targets, and regularly measuring performance, The Kendo Way empowers individuals to see the significance of their contributions.

We Are Social Creatures

Recognising that the majority of an individual’s interaction and experience within an organisation occurs within their team, The Kendo Way places a strong emphasis on fostering team dynamics and creating a positive and inclusive environment. Teams serve as a crucial platform for learning, role modeling, collaboration, and relationship-building, all of which significantly impact an individual’s engagement and overall employee experience

In essence, The Kendo Way’s philosophy is centered around the belief that when individuals find meaning in their work and are part of high-performing and supportive teams, they are more engaged, innovative, and motivated, leading to exceptional employee experiences and organisational success.

Michael McKerlie

Executive Director, The Kendo Way

Revolutionise Employee Experience

Drawing inspiration from customer journey mapping and behavior profiling in marketing, real time data analysis and understanding both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, The Kendo Way introduces a new paradigm for EX, enabling organizations to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Corporate Perks

While important, corporate benefits alone may not be as influential as the intrinsic factors of meaningful work and team engagement. The Kendo Way recognizes the significance of corporate benefits and ensures organisations provide a competitive and rewarding environment, complementing the core elements that drive EX: meaningful work and engaging team dynamics.

Predicting EX from Real Time Data

By creating a rich data set and analyzing it for different cohorts, Kendo enables organizations to identify and address problem areas with precision. This data-driven approach empowers management to make informed decisions and implement impactful strategies to support the organization’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP).


Enhanced Engagement

Empower individuals to find meaning and purpose in their work, leading to increased engagement, job satisfaction, and personal growth.

Wellbeing AND Work-Life Balance

The Kendo Way prioritizes employee well-being, promoting work-life balance, and fostering a supportive, inclusive and emotionally and mentally safe work environment.

Sustainable Performance

By providing meaningful work, autonomy, and opportunities for mastery, The Kendo Way taps into individuals’ intrinsic motivation, leading to higher levels of engagement, creativity, and job satisfaction.

Alignment with Organisational Values

The Kendo Way fosters a strong alignment between individual and organisational values, promoting a culture of shared purpose, commitment, and ethical behavior.

Talent Attraction & Retention

The Kendo Way’s focus on employee experience helps organisations attract top talent by showcasing a positive and fulfilling work environment, leading to higher employee retention rates.

Mutual Growth

The Kendo Way focuses on fostering a culture of mutual growth, where individuals are supported in their personal and professional development, leading to increased skills, knowledge, and self-fulfillment.


How do we create a cohesive and positive work environment that meets the diverse needs and expectations of employees.

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