Personalise your Employee

Personalisation of employee experience allows each person to understand their current position, map out where they want to go and determine how to get there. A talent profile is built by each person by assessing their technical and behavioural skills, strengths, and motivators. Where appropriate this is calibrated to the role level and Kendo will show where further development is needed. An individual proposes their role and responsibilities in the organisation so, once agreed, there is clarity and ownership on the expectations. This can be updated whenever required.
People create Growth Goals based on their development needs identified in the assessment of their capabilities and creation of their Talent Profile. Each Growth Goal includes learning activities and milestones, which involve doing, learning, or connecting. The goal is agreed with their manager so that the organisation can provide the required support. Progress on Growth Goals is measured regularly through Pulse Checks to encourage continuous learning and meaningful growth conversations with managers.
Performance is measured by the performance of objectives, development in terms of growth goals and an overall assessment of teamwork, management and leadership. We call these Retrospectives, and it is a look back followed by a plan forward review and discussion. Retrospectives can be set for multiple times per year or as required. There is an Annual Review if required which looks at the Retrospectives over the year.