People Analytics

Are you still making HR decisions based on qualitative data? Make decisions based on a large range of explanatory and predictive reports with the ability to drill down using our comprehensive Employee Data Platform Engine. As organisations develop their business plan, they also need to identify the organisational capabilities required to deliver it. Where there are gaps, the organisation must develop a plan to resource these capabilities. Kendo’s Employee Data Platform collects data from talent profiles and objective performance monitoring, allowing extensive analytics and reporting through integrated Power BI.
This provides insightful analytics about individuals, teams, and the organisation. Capability planning is critical to organisational sustainability and success. Insight into the organisation’s overall talent profile enables an understanding of current capability and will drive training and recruitment decisions. The identification of high performers and high potentials ensures pathways can be developed so talent is being developed and factored into succession planning. Leaders have access to talent profiles allowing them to harness the full potential of their people and teams. Kendo also has built-in guides and tools to support managers with tasks they may find easy or challenging.
A core driver of performance improvement is to regularly measure progress and focus on areas where further attention is needed. This requires reporting that can provide a view from “the clouds” along with the ability to do a deep dive into any area that requires attention. Kendo has a powerful reporting capability that allows executives, managers, and team leaders to see a “snapshot on a page” of their areas of accountability and investigate fully into the details of specific linked objectives or team member activities. One-on-one meetings do not need to spend time discovering progress as the Kendo report delivers that up front, allowing the conversation to focus on improvement areas and next steps.