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With The Kendo Way’s people analytics, you can transform your HR practices and unleash the full potential of your workforce while driving strategic business outcomes.

Unlock the Power of People through Objective Measurement and Management

In the dynamic business landscape, organisations need to be accountable and measure their performance objectively. While financial measures provide a layer of accountability, there is a lack of comprehensive measures that assess the overall performance of organisations, teams, and individuals. The Kendo Way revolutionises performance management by providing a sophisticated and transparent framework that combines multiple data points and multiple assessors to ensure objectivity and fairness. Through this approach, performance assessments become more equitable, transparent, and actionable, enabling organisations to foster a culture of continuous improvement, open dialogue, and individual growth. With The Kendo Way, unleash the power of objective measurement and drive performance to new heights.

Build a Powerful Data Repository

Kendo is your key to unlocking the transformative insights hidden within your data. Break free from the limitations of data scarcity and unlock valuable insights on the relationships between capabilities and performance outcomes. Gain valuable insights into the return on investment (ROI) of learning initiatives. Elevate your talent strategy and drive growth with Kendo’s advanced capability profiling solutions.

Tap Into People Potential

Gain deep insights into your organisation’s talent and unleash their full potential with Kendo’s Capability Profiling. By leveraging competency modeling and reliable measurement of capabilities, Kendo enables you to understand the talent profile of your organisation, teams, and individuals. 

Access Critical Data

Discover a wealth of informative data analytics that can be seamlessly integrated from a comprehensive data lake. Empower your organisation to leverage the power of data science and people analytics to drive strategic talent decisions, optimise performance, and unlock a competitive advantage. 

In essence, The Kendo Way’s philosophy is centered around the belief that when individuals find meaning in their work and are part of high-performing and supportive teams, they’re more engaged, innovative, and motivated, leading to exceptional employee experiences and organisational success.

Michael McKerlie

Executive Director, The Kendo Way

Decide and Guide from Data

Empower your HR decision-making process with data and insights that drive meaningful and impactful outcomes. Kendo provides you with the tools and analytics to make informed decisions about promotions, compensation, transfers, retention, and more. Say goodbye to relying solely on individual subjective judgment and embrace the power of objective, data-driven decision making.

Manage Succession Planning

Elevate your resource management and succession planning strategies with Kendo’s systematic and intellectually robust approach. No more outdated methods relying on gut feelings and limited psychological testing. With Kendo, you can accurately determine capabilities, enabling more effective resource allocation, targeted learning and development, and seamless succession planning.

Equity & Fairnesss

By leveraging Kendo’s comprehensive data analytics and transparency, you can create a safer and more equitable workplace environment. Build an audit trail of facts, promote transparency, and mitigate conflicts by basing your decisions on objective data. With Kendo, you’ll pave the way for better employee-employer relationships and ensure that every decision is backed by insights and fairness.

Move into the Driver’s Seat with Predictive Analytics

Embrace the cutting-edge technology of predictive analytics and revolutionise your HR processes. From talent acquisition and development to retention and succession planning, Kendo empowers you to stay ahead of the curve and proactively shape the future of your organisation. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-backed predictions with Kendo’s advanced predictive analytics capabilities.


Data Driven Insights

Unlock the power of data to gain valuable insights into your workforce. Kendo’s people analytics provide you with in-depth information and trends to make informed decisions.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Make proactive decisions about your workforce with Kendo’s predictive analytics. Anticipate future talent needs, identify skill gaps, and develop effective succession plans.

Improved Recruitment & Retention

Identify the key factors that drive recruitment success and employee retention. Kendo’s people analytics help you optimise your hiring processes and create strategies to attract and retain top talent.

Performance Optimisation

Leverage Kendo’s analytics to measure and optimize individual and team performance. Identify areas of improvement, align goals, and provide targeted development opportunities for your employees.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Understand the drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction with Kendo’s analytics. Identify factors that impact morale, motivation, and productivity, and develop strategies to create a positive and engaging work environment.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by leveraging Kendo’s analytics. Identify potential risks, address workforce challenges, and proactively mitigate compliance issues to protect your organisation.


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