Board Excellence The Kendo Way

Experience a new level of board performance by evaluating and enhancing collective behaviors and capabilities. Given a focus on regulatory compliance, board assessment, and overall performance improvement, Kendo provides the comprehensive solution for achieving board excellence. Elevate your board’s impact and unlock its full potential with Kendo’s powerful tools and insights.

Assurance, Assessment & Impact 

Unlock the full potential of your board and maximise its impact with Kendo. From enhancing board performance through comprehensive assessments to driving strategic alignment and informed decision-making, Kendo empowers boards to deliver exceptional results and make a lasting impact on the organisation.

Board Skill Matrix

With Kendo’s innovative Technical Skills assessment feature, boards can strategically evaluate and optimise their skill matrix. Ensure your board possesses the essential competencies and expertise required to drive your company’s success. Identify skill gaps, facilitate board renewal, and make informed decisions to create a well-rounded and high-performing board that meets the evolving needs of your organisation.

Elevate Your Board’s Impact

Drive board performance to new heights with The Kendo Way’s Board Performance Assessment. Set strategic objectives for your board and conduct regular pulse checks to evaluate performance and ensure alignment with organisational goals. Led by the Chair, this proactive approach allows for continuous improvement, accountability, and effective governance. Demonstrate your board’s diligence and commitment to delivering exceptional results for shareholders through a structured and data-driven performance assessment process.

Efficiency, Capability AND Clarity

Streamline operations, enhance board capabilities, and ensure clarity in decision-making for better governance outcomes.

Enhance Committee Effectiveness

Optimise the performance of your committees The Kendo Way. Leverage the Skills Matrix and set targeted objectives for each committee, aligning their mission with organisational goals. The committee chair, equipped with valuable insights, can assess and track committee performance to ensure accountability and drive impactful outcomes. Kendo’s committee assessment tools, you can enhance collaboration, decision-making, and effectiveness within your committees, leading to greater overall organisational success.

Streamline & Bring Clarity to Remmuenration

Kendo’s powerful platform enables organisations to efficiently assess short-term performance and calculate bonus payments, known as Short-Term Incentives (STIs). By seamlessly processing performance data on selected objectives and individuals, Kendo ensures accurate and transparent remuneration reporting aligned with STI plans. Save time and reduce controversies associated with remuneration assessment, allowing your organization to focus on rewarding and motivating high-performance individuals.

Kendo’s Governance solution not only enables boards to optimise their performance, it provides a layer of protection, risk mitigation, and aligns with best practices and regulatory requirements. It also  facilitates board contribution to the success of the organisation. In our experience, this is something that Director’s really enjoy and value. 

Michael McKerlie

Executive Director, The Kendo Way

Transparent Oversight for Directors

Enhance directors’ oversight and decision-making with Kendo. Our director’s oversight feature provides valuable insight into the organization’s progress, issues, and suggested remedies, enabling directors to have a clear understanding of business activities and performance while respecting the CEO’s authority in managing their team.

Optimise Board Meeting Efficiency

Foster a cohesive and productive board environment by implementing an agreed board plan that provides structure, defines roles, and enhances collaboration. Streamline decision-making processes and improve board dynamics to drive positive outcomes for shareholders and employees alike.


Enhance Board Performance

Kendo’s Governance solution enables boards to improve their overall performance by providing tools for strategic planning, performance assessment, and effective oversight.

Strong & Safe Corporate Governance

By leveraging Kendo’s governance product, organizations can establish and maintain strong corporate governance practices, ensuring compliance, accountability, and sound decision-making throughout the board and committee structures.

Board Capability

Kendo’s director’s oversight feature allows directors to have a comprehensive view of the corporate business plan, facilitating better decision-making and enhancing the board’s capability.

Clarity & Transperancy

Kendo promotes clarity and transparency within the board by providing access to essential information, progress updates, and performance metrics, ensuring all directors are on the same page.

Effective Committee Management

Kendo’s committee performance assessment feature enables committees to set objectives, assess performance, and drive accountability, contributing to improved committee effectiveness.

Improved Efficiency & Effectiveness

With features like board meeting efficiency and streamlined communication, Kendo optimizes the board’s operations, saving time and resources.


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