Board Members

Kendo empowers the Board to govern with unparalleled confidence by providing transparency and clarity of the strategic plan and executive performance.

The Board’s Challenges

The Chair and board members carry the risk and responsibility of company performance and that of its executives, as such, they are required to be across and approve an enormous body of information.

Challenges facing boards include:


  • Digital transformation​
  • Workforce issues​
  • Culture​
  • ESG​
  • Financial and risk management​
  • Business growth and diversification 

Kendo Benefits


Undertake the board performance appraisal


Develop the board’s skills matrix


Define your role and responsibilities as a director


Develop a board plan with objectives for any special initiatives the board may wish to undertake


Develop objectives or growth goals that you may wish to initiate


Real time access to the progress of the corporate business plan


Access the Board Cabinet where board documents will be uploaded by the Company Secretary and you can file any documents you wish to keep

Unlock the boards full potential The Kendo Way

Your Ultimate ESG Solution

Board Evaluation

Gain valuable insights, enhance performance, and drive success. Our comprehensive assessment process brings clarity to board dynamics, identifies areas for improvement, and aligns your board with best practices.

Skills Matrix

The Skills Matrix provides an assessment of the skills, expertise, and experience of individual board members. It allows for a clear visualisation of the collective strengths and potential gaps within the board.

Committee Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment of the performance and effectiveness of board committees. It examines their composition, processes, decision-making, and overall contributions to organisational governance.

Strategic Alignment

Enable strategic alignment between the board and the executives, foster collaboration, share goals, effective decision-making, and ultimately drive the organisation towards your strategic objectives.

Incentive Calculation

Our structured and transparent approach aligns incentives with strategic goals, driving performance and maximising results. Defining measurable targets and transparent evaluation, we empower boards and executives to achieve excellence.

How It Works

Kendo provides simple steps to your boards success


Review and Approve The Strategic Plan

The board carefully reviews and approves the strategic plan, ensuring alignment with the company’s long-term vision and stakeholder interests.



Establish and agree on performance metrics and calculations with the board and executive team to ensure aligned objectives and transparent evaluation in the public company’s governance.



Board review ensures effective governance, performance assessment drives executive excellence, and skills matrix and calculation optimises the board’s synergy for public company success.

Kendo de-risks and underpins governance excellence with transparent lines of sight throughout the organisation.

Robust Decision Making

Improved decision making backed by Kendo’s ability to provide robust and transparent access to key data points – in real time.

Agreed Accountability

Crystal-clear accountability, defined roles, and responsible decision-making fueling your organization’s unstoppable success!

Transparent Governance

Pave the way for long-term success and sustainable growth by embracing and promoting transparency and build trust among stakeholders, including employees, investors, and customers.

Risks Managed

Kendo actively supports the Board to mitigate risk – helping to safeguard assets, stakeholders and reputation.

Master Compliance

Mitigate legal risks and avoid penalties to secure a thriving, unstoppable enterprise!

Shared and Communicated Objectives

Align the organisation’s goals, strategies, and resources, ensuring that all parts are working together towards common objectives.

Master Performance

master performance metrics, pinpoint growth opportunities, and adapt strategies for unstoppable progress and success!

Ignite Stakeholder Engagement

Strengthen relationships, and align everyone with your organisation’s bold vision for unparalleled success!

Safeguard Ethical Conduct

Spark ethical behavior, safeguard against misconduct, and bolster your organisation’s reputation for a thriving, trusted future!

Adaptive & Agile Organisation

Unleash adaptability, resilience, and stakeholder satisfaction, securing your organisation’s thriving legacy!


“Unlock the power of effective board management and governance with the highly experienced Kendo team – your trusted partners in driving growth, maximizing performance, and delivering exceptional results!”

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