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Unleash the game-changing potential of strategic alignment and high-performance teams with our cutting-edge SaaS platform. Experience the ultimate solution for driving organisational success and achieving remarkable results.

The Ultimate Solution for Ensuring Successful Governance

Effectively manage risks, ensure legal compliance, and focus on being a high-performing board.

Transparency, Clarity and Alignment, The CEO's Key to Organisational Success

The Kendo Way provides CEOs with a comprehensive platform to drive strategic alignment, optimize performance, and foster a high-performing culture, enabling them to achieve their organizational goals and drive success.

Achieve higher levels of BOARD impact ACROSS THE organisation


Board Performance & Evaluations

Gain valuable insights, enhance performance, and drive success. Our comprehensive assessment tools brings clarity to board dynamics, identifies areas for improvement, and aligns your board with best practices.

Visibility of Progress to Plans

Real-time, read-only access to the corporate business plan, along with the ability to monitor the progress of business plan objectives being managed by the executive team. Furthermore, they have the capability to perform in-depth analysis of this information as needed.

Board Paper Automation

Progress measurement, undertaken by executives and supplemented with relevant commentary, provides valuable insights into the advancement towards business plan objectives. These insights, which should be reported to the board, are compiled within Kendo and presented as a draft for a board paper.

Strategic Alignment & Drive Culture

A defined purpose for the organisation, along with a vision and strategic alignment between the board and the executive, is ensured through the agreement on the Business Plan Objectives. These objectives serve as the initial steps in the strategic journey.

Compliance & Outcomes

The board is responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of the organisation and for delivering accountable corporate performance in accordance with the organisation’s goals and objectives (AICD).​

Kendo enables the boards to achieve compliance fast and more successfully than ever before. Through strategic alignment, insights, and time saving automations Kendo enables boards to achieve higher levels of impact on their organisations.

Enable Executives to Deliver Sucess The Kendo Way


Strategic Alignment

Enable strategic alignment between the board and the executives, foster collaboration, share goals, effective decision-making, and ultimately drive the organisation towards your strategic objectives.

Performance Improvement

Enhance organisational performance: Kendo’s tools & frameworks for goal setting, progress measurement & performance evaluation are exceptional. Empowering the whole organisation to track progress, achievements, identify areas for improvement, and optimise their contributions to success.

Decision Making

Work with valuable insights and data-driven analysis to support decision-making. Through comprehensive evaluations, strategic reviews, and performance tracking, executives gain the necessary information to make informed and impactful decisions for the organisation.

High Performing Teams

Collaboration, performance optimisation, accountability, continuous learning, and recognition within high-performing teams. By leveraging these benefits, teams can maximize their potential, achieve exceptional results, and drive sustained success.

Business Agility

Teams foster strategic alignment, promote a culture of continuous improvement, and are equipped with powerful agile methodologies. With business agility as a foundation, organisations can navigate uncertainty, capitalise on opportunities, and thrive in dynamic market environments.

Achieve higher levels of BOARD impact ACROSS THE organisation


Purpose & Direction

The compass for employee performance. When employees understand their purpose and have clear direction, they unlock their full potential, driving exceptional results for themselves and the organisation.

Autonomy & Active Planning

Empowering employees to shape their future, fostering engagement, and aligning individual aspirations with organizational success. Be a part of the plan, not just a part of the process.

Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery is the cornerstone of an enriching employee experience, empowering individuals to continuously learn, grow, and excel in their roles.


Investing in your team’s health and happiness fuels productivity and fosters a vibrant, resilient organisation. When employees thrive, so does the business.

Ownership & Commitment

Cultivating Ownership and Commitment among employees fuels business prosperity. Engaged and committed employees deliver higher productivity and superior work quality. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also boosts customer satisfaction and profitability. In a nutshell, when employees feel a sense of ownership, both they and the organisation thrive.

“Kendo unleashes the power of data-driven insights, strategic alignment, and relentless execution, enabling organisations to emerge victorious in today’s competitive business landscape”

Jim McKerlie, Co-Founder & Executive Chair


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