Turning plans to reality


Imagine the competitive advantage you can gain, the results you can achieve, and the impact you can make if you could improve how your organisation prepares and executes its plans, engages and develops its people, and has a board that’s not a blocker but a facilitator in business performance


Kendo is an enterprise-grade platform comprising several user friendly products that focus on improving performance in specific parts of an organisation.

Ready aim fire.

Kendo Plan Do

Strategic Alignment

Ensure strategic alignment across the board, executives and the individuals leading to a culture of accountability and collaboration.

Performance Improvement

At a corporate, team and individual level, real deliverables are agreed, progress tracked, with commentary, feedback and help provided to support success so that performance is optimised.

Decision Making

Work with valuable insights and data-driven analysis to support decision-making.

High Performing Teams

Collaboration, performance optimisation, accountability, continuous learning, and recognition within high-performing teams.

Risk Management

Maintain oversight over progress on the business plan and KPIs so that there are no surprises when performance drifts. Create business agility with quick responsiveness.

Improving people’s performance

Kendo Talent

Roles and Responsibilities

Provide a clear job definition that is updated in real time where responsibilities are measured as well as objectives in evaluating performance.

Talent Profile

Assess the capabilities of individuals so they can develop growth goals in areas of greatest need. Get aggregated capability assessments to determine team and corporate capabilities.

Performance Evaluation

Holistically evaluate individual performance based on objectives, personal growth, contribution to team, and leadership attributes which are measured regularly, allowing continual performance assessment and early rectification, if required.

Resource, Succession and Career Planning

Rich data allows people analytics leading to overall resource planning, succession planning, and individual career planning.

Boards delivering value

Kendo Governance

Board and Executive Alignment

Agreement on purpose, values, vision and strategies between the board and executive means the leadership group is heading in the same direction.

Visibility of Progress to Plans

Real-time, read-only access to the business plan, along with the ability to monitor the progress of objectives, and the ability to drill down to specific objectives gives the board accurate insights into performance

Board Paper Automation

Stop the inefficient and expensive cost of board paper preparation with management being able to use progress reporting in board paper preparation.

Drive Culture

Allow the board, with the executive team, to drive specific cultural imperatives and measure their success

“Successful execution is fundamental to organisations achieving their potential. There is a disproportionate emphasis on planning and not enough time and effort put into managing the execution of the plan. I was once told success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration and execution requires perspiration.”

Jim McKerlie, Co-Founder & Executive Chair

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