Performance Improvement the Kendo Way

Implementation is about constant monitoring and course correction. Kendo enables the entire organisation to work in unison as they deliver the plan.

What Does Success Look Like

Kendo transforms objectives into actionable solutions, allowing for cascading and interlinking objectives to create a performance-driven ecosystem.

Define Objectives & Responsibilities

It ensures comprehensive measurement and accountability, capturing both business plan objectives and ongoing responsibilities to assess individual contributions.

Activities and Targets

The objective owner needs to work out what steps have to be taken to solve the problem they have accepted. Delivering a solution involves taking a step by step approach.

Proactive & Adaptive Management

Empower your team with proactive and adaptive work management, enabling seamless collaboration, agile decision-making, and timely response to changing priorities.

Track Critical Progress

Unlock the key to performance improvement through continuous measurement and milestone tracking. With Kendo, objectives come alive with specific dates and measurable indicators, enabling progress assessment across projects, budgets, and more.

Bring Agility, Prioritisation and Focus to the Details

Enhance execution and work management by breaking down activities into actionable tasks using a visual Kanban board. With Kendo, track and visualize the progress of tasks from start to finish, fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is aligned on the same page. Kanban: the power of visual signals for efficient team environments.

Power Your Path to Success

Drive your organisation’s success through the power of measurement, acceleration, and reflection. Measure objective progress, track growth goals, and enhance team contributions to achieve strategic objectives faster. Ignite progress with agile retrospectives, fostering a culture of reflection, celebrating successes, and driving meaningful change for continuous improvement and sustained innovation.

Measure and Accelerate Progress

Gain valuable insights into objective achievement by comparing actual results to critical paths, assessing objective performance, tracking progress towards personal growth goals, and providing insightful commentary. With managers playing a pivotal role in evaluating the Pulse Score and providing valuable feedback, you can drive continuous improvement, make informed decisions, and propel your organisation forward.

Ignite Performance with Agile Retrospectives

Reflect on achievements, uncover areas for improvement, and ignite progress. Replace outdated annual reviews with quarterly or biannual Retrospectives. Engage in meaningful conversations, drive actions, and shape future outcomes. Unlock the potential for salary and performance rewards through Retrospectives.


Enhanced Performance

The Kendo Way’s performance improvement product enables organisations to optimize their performance by aligning objectives, tracking progress, and making data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Strategic Alignment

With clear objectives and milestones, the organisation achieves better alignment between teams and individuals, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Improved Productivity

The platform streamlines workflows, provides visibility into tasks, and fosters effective collaboration, resulting in increased productivity and efficient execution of initiatives.

Agility & Adaptability

Real-time insights and performance analytics empower leaders to make agile and informed decisions, enabling timely adjustments and course corrections to achieve desired outcomes.

Meaningful Work

By aligning objectives with personal aspirations and values, individuals find greater meaning in their work, fostering intrinsic motivation and engagement.

Personal Growth and Development

The Kendo Way supports individuals in setting and tracking their growth goals, enabling them to enhance their skills, acquire new competencies, and progress in their careers.


How do we need to consistently achieve and exceed goals while adapting to changing market dynamics and maintaining a competitive edge?

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