Meet the Leadership Team

Jim McKerlie

Executive Chair

Jim is Kendo’s Executive Chair. He is widely known and highly regarded as an entrepreneur, business leader, management consultant and company director. Jim has served as a board director for 10 public companies including ASX 100 corporations, and 8 as chair of which 4 were IPOs. He has chaired several Remuneration Committees and has been a frequent Audit and Risk committee member.

Vanessa Wende

Advisory Board Member and People Science Expert

Vanessa was Kendo’s Director of People Science before transitioning to an Advisory Board role. She is an accomplished human capital specialist with expertise in career and performance coaching, building individual and organisational capability, enhancing team effectiveness and helping organisations drive employee engagement, cultural change and performance.

Ian Dardis

Chief Operating Officer

Ian has extensive experience in leading successful services organisations in various geographies.  He has successfully implemented go to market strategies, acquisitions of new businesses, industry programs, partner and people development programs as well as selling major projects.  Ian has succeeded in turn-around environments, mature and new market entry strategies, and growth through acquisition.

Craig Errey

Director of Customer Experience

Craig is Kendo’s Director of Customer Experience. He’s an organisational psychologist, business architect and UI/UX/CX designer specialising in connecting people, work and technology.

Craig is passionate about giving people more time and capabilities to do the things that really matter. This is the foundation for successful, lasting digital transformation in the workplace.

Michael McKerlie

Chief Digital Officer

Michael drives value through technology and teams and is a fierce champion of building efficient and capable work environments through people, process and technology innovation. Michael has strong focus on individual and team performance in the context of alignment to the organisation strategies, objectives, and purpose.