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Kendo Plan Do

Set your strategic direction and get alignment around this. Develop a robust business plan with the critical year one objectives and cascade this across the organisation so that everyone is clear of what is expected of them. Recognise teams and put in place structures that promote high performance. Measure corporate, team, and individual objectives regularly and promote feedback and assistance when deliverables drop of schedule.

Use the drill down reporting to uncover the real blockers to performance and maintain a dynamic risk management framework.


Take your organisation’s efficiency to the next level by seamlessly integrating a comprehensive approach to goal-setting and improvement, precise project management, real-time progress monitoring with regular pulse insights, performance management updates, ensuring that you can make informed decisions and drive continuous enhancement in every facet of your operations.


Achieve organised and improved results through the Kendo Plan Do methodology.


Gain regular pulse insights with pulse checks.


Efficiently track progress across projects, teams and departments.


Stay informed with constant individual performance updates for enhanced decision-making.


Goal-Setting and Tracking

* Objectives and Key Results
* Visual OKR Hierarchy Tree
* Align and Link OKRs
* KPIs and Metrics
* Projects and Initiatives

Weekly Planning and Reporting

* Automated Weekly Status Reports
* Weekly Planning
* Custom Templates
* Prioritisation
* Custom Integrations

Pulse Surveys and Check-ins

* 5-star Ratings
* Pulse Surveys & Check-ins
* Feedback and Recognition
* Measure Employee Engagement

1:1 and Team Announcements

* Private 1:1 conversations
* Kudos and Upvotes
* Meeting Agendas
* Calendar View
* Social Newsfeed

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