Use your Strengths everyday ​

Assess your Stengths

Know your Strengths​

  • Your strengths come naturally. They are the qualities that you’re known for and can easily draw on to get work done.​
  • People who have the opportunity to use their strengths everyday are generally happier and more productive in their job. ​
  • This activity will help you recognize your strengths and discover ways to apply them successfully every day.​
  • For leaders – get to know your people better and explore their unique qualities. Knowing their strengths allows you to harness your team’s collective assets.​

Reflect on your Strengths​

  • The Strengths assessment is accessed via your Talent Profile in Talent
  • Choose the statements that best describe you.​
  • Identify what’s important to your success. Identify gaps in relation to your role.​

Prioritise​ ​

  • Priorities your top 5 strengths – choose the 5 you feel are your greatest strengths
  • Get the balance right. How often do you use your strength? ​
    • Strengths can be underused – think about how we can apply them more often ​
    • Strengths can also be overused – be aware of what to look out for and how to adjust your approach.​

Take action

  • Set growth goals against over or underused strengths, particularly where they’re important for your job. ​
  • Your Growth Goals will appear on the Objectives page where you can track and update them at any time​
  • To share your Strengths, set the visibility. They’ll get an email to provide comments or feedback.
  • Discuss your strengths with people who can help you apply or develop them. They’re a great input into a career conversation.​
  • Your strengths and gaps will appear on your Talent Profile along with other Talent Profile activities so you have them at your finger tips.​

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