Discover your Motivators​

Know what drives you

  • Get clear on what’s most important to you in your job. When your job lines up with your motivators you’re happier, perform better, proactively solve problems and work better with your team​
  • Motivators are your compass for career decision making. Make better career choices that align with what’s important to you
  • Know when things don’t line up and how to set goals to improve your work and life satisfaction
  • Defining your motivators provides a great structure for a conversation with your leader about what matters to you
  • Sharing motivators helps leaders know what drives their people and know how to keep them motivated and engaged ​
  • Set some goals to close any gaps where things aren’t quite right. ​

Reflect on your motivators​

Motivators Assessment
  • Assess your motivators from your Talent Profile under Talent
  • Which motivators have the greatest impact on your work and life choices – rate 40 statements based on how important they are to you.​
  • Reflect on when you’ve been happiest and most successful in a role and what environment you were working in, or, when you were least happiest and what was missing?​
  • Narrow your focus by choosing your top 5.​

Reflect on your satisfaction​

  • Think about your satisfaction in your current situation. Where are you happy and where is there something lacking?​
  • This identifies where there are gaps

Take action​

  • Set the visibility of your Motivators so you can get others’ support. They’ll get an email and be able to provide comments or feedback​
  • Set some Growth goals to close any gaps​
  • Goals appear in your Growth Plan – track your progress from here​
  • Your Talent Profile shows the results of these and other Talent Profile activities​
  • Review them every 12 months or when you experience significant life events or job change such as a new role or new manager​

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