Review your overall contribution and growth

  • Reflecting on your performance, contribution and growth frequently, allows you to have regular conversations with our manager on your achievements, getting frequent and meaningful feedback, and seeking the support you need from your managers
  • As a Manager, Retrospectives give you a great structure to have a meaningful conversation about performance and growth progress with your team
  • Reflect on how happy you are with your overall achievements, how much you’ve been able to focus on your learning and growth and also provide feedback to your manager about how the team is performing and where you’d like them to focus in order to help you reach your potential and perform at your best
  • Your Retrospectives can be completed regularly throughout the year so you can reflect on your performance and contribution rather than in a traditional once a year performance review

Start a Retrospective

  • Retrospectives are accessible from the Talent module
  • Add New Retrospective – this will create a retrospective for the performance period to be reviewed (you can choose which period the retrospective relates to)
  • You’ll be given a series of questions to rate and comment on that will cover:
    • Your Performance
    • Your Growth
    • Teamwork
    • Your own Leadership (if you manage a team)
    • Your Manager
    • Overall
  • Kendo Administrators will determine the frequency of retrospectives and the questions that are included
  • Depending on the set up, you’ll see more or fewer questions under each retrospective section to consider. (The following screenshots show the full set of retrospective questions).

Reflect on your Performance

  • Reflect on your performance, contribution and what you’ve achieved
  • Think about what you’ve delivered – View your Objectives Pulse checks for the period, or any feedback you’ve received, for detail about what you’ve delivered.
  • Then think more broadly, in terms what else you’ve contributed, what’s held you back, how you can be better supported, and how well you think you’ve demonstrated the organisation’s values and behaviours.

Reflect on your Growth

  • Next reflect on your Growth
  • Access your growth goals and any feedback you’ve received for details on what you’ve been focused on
  • How satisfied have you been with your growth? What can you do next? – be proactive in your development
  • Do you have untapped skills?  – apply your strengths frequently to be more satisfied and perform at your potential
  • And how often have you had meaning career conversations with your manager? – if you’d like more frequent conversations be proactive and set them up

Reflect on your Teamwork

  • It’s also important to provide some feedback to your manager on how well you think your immediate team has been working
  • Think about your part in this – how well have you been working with your team and with others and what else could you be doing to make your team as successful as it could be

Managers Reflect on their own Leadership

  • If you manage people, think about how effective you’ve been in these key leadership responsibilities
  • You’ll receive feedback from your team about your leadership style and where they’d like you to focus more or less
  • View team feedback’ shows feedback relevant to each leadership area
  • Use this insight to inform your view

Reflect on your Manager’s Leadership

  • You have the opportunity to provide some honest feedback to your manager about where you’d like them to focus more or less in order to support you to be your best
  • Your manager’s manager will also be able to view this
  • When your manager knows how you like to work and what they can do to help you, you’re more likely to thrive

Reflect Overall

  • Finally, you can pull all your reflections from the previous areas together into an overall assessment of your performance and contribution. (This may include an overall rating if enabled by your organisation)
  • Your Retrospective can be saved (to be edited later) or submitted to your manager
  • They can then add their own comments and feedback

Managers Provide their Feedback

  • Managers have the opportunity to add their ratings and comments in each of these areas
  • When your manager is done, they will ‘Share’ it with you
  • Have a conversation with your manager to discuss the feedback in detail

Next Steps

  • Have a conversation with your manager using the topic areas as the structure for the conversation
  • You’ll find that it will give you a rich source of information to draw on in order to meaningfully discuss how you’re going both in terms of your contribution and also your personal and professional growth
  • It’s a great way for your manager to get some feedback as well so they know how best to support you to be at your best
  • Retrospectives can be completed regularly throughout the year, the frequency will be determined by your organisation

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